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This ACT practice test page contains a collection of more practice tests in one place than any other website. We not only have links to countless free practice tests, but we also review the quality of these practice tests.

Note: Not All ACT Practice Tests are Equal

The Only Real ACT Practice Tests Available

There is only a very limited number of real ACT practice tests that use actual questions from old ACT tests, and these practice tests are available only from the ACT itself. The ACT does not make old ACT tests public.

Therefore, outside of the ACT practice tests from The Real ACT Prep Guide and the Preparing for the ACT booklets, all of the other “ACT practice tests” out there are technically imitation practice tests. Although some of them are better than others, and some of them are pretty close to the actual ACT, if you want a good prediction of how well you will do on the actual ACT, the best ACT practice tests to take are those from The Real ACT Prep Guide and the Preparing for the ACT booklets.

The Usefulness and Danger of Other ACT Practice Tests

Other ACT practice tests can all be useful for additional practice to prepare more fully for the ACT. The more practice problems you do, the better you will get at answering the kinds of questions you will see on the ACT.

However, you must be realistic in your approach to using these other practice tests. Many supposed ACT practice tests are actually easier than the actual ACT. This can be dangerous because if you take the scorse from these easier practice tests seriously, you might have false confidence approaching the ACT, and then experience shock when you realize how difficult the ACT actually is.

On the other hand, some practice tests are harder than the actual ACT. Although this can be good because these ACT practice tests might overprepare you for the ACT and thus make the ACT seem easier by comparison, this can also be bad if these practice tests hurt your confidence as you approach the ACT. It is important to approach the ACT with confidence because the ACT requires mental preparation in addition to content and strategy preparation.

The Largest ACT Practice Test Collection on the Web

Some of these articles overlap, but we have created these separate articles to be as organized as possible in our presentation of the many different practice tests available.

Free ACT Practice Tests: ACT Practice Tests Online

We have the largest collection of free ACT practice tests on the web. Our collection of online ACT practice tests will help you be fully prepared for the ACT.

ACT Practice Test PDF: Printable ACT Practice Test

This page contains links to free ACT Practice Test PDF files. These printable practice tests are great preparation for the ACT. Also, we review the quality of each of these PDF tests.

ACT practice test

Preparing for the ACT: Links to the ACT Prep Booklet

The Preparing for the ACT booklet is written by the creators of the ACT themselves and contains real ACT practice tests. We have collected more versions of this booklet than anywhere else.

The Real ACT Prep Guide: Real ACT Practice Tests

The Real ACT Prep Guide contains the only real ACT practice tests available. Make sure you use these practice tests in your preparation for the ACT before you go to any other practice tests.

Comparing ACT Practice Tests: The Best and the Worst

How do the different ACT practice tests compare with one another? Learn which ACT practice tests are the best and which are the worst here. Inaccurate practice tests can hurt your performance on the real ACT.