So You’ve Taken an ACT English Practice Test. What Now?

Now that you’ve taken an ACT English practice test, it’s time to find out how you did and to analyze it to see what you can do to improve your score. The English test stays pretty much the same over the 75 questions, so we’re not going to do anything too fancy here.

Analyzing Your ACT English Practice Test, Step #1: Figure Out Your English Test Raw Score

The first thing you need to do is figure out your English test raw score. This is the number you got correct out of 75. For example, if you missed 11 questions, your raw score would be 75 – 11, or 64.

Analyzing Your ACT English Practice Test, Step #2: Convert Your Raw Score to a Scale Score

Second, convert your raw score to a scale score using the chart in whatever practice test book you are using. The chart should look like this (yours will probably look slightly different, but they’re both the same concept). Using our example, if your raw score is a 64, your scale score would be a 28. This is the score for the English test that you would have gotten on the ACT.

ACT score chart raw score scale score

Analyzing Your ACT English Practice Test, Step #3: Determine Your Potential Score

Now, let’s do a little more to analyze how you did. Third, check over the questions you got wrong, and count up how many of them were because of a careless or silly mistake and you actually should have gotten right. Add these questions to your original raw score, and convert this new raw score into a new scale score. This is your potential score, or the score you could have gotten if you hadn’t made any careless or silly mistakes. Next time you take a practice test, or the actual ACT, focus on not making these same careless mistakes.

Analyzing Your ACT English Practice Test, Step #4: Determine Areas to Work on

Finally, make a list of the questions you got wrong because you simply had trouble with them. Figure out what concepts these questions covered, and study them to make sure you know them for when you take the actual ACT. If you need to, watch our ACT English Content videos again to review these concepts.

Next Step: Continue Taking ACT English Practice Tests

Now that you know how to analyze the ACT English practice tests that you take, your task now is to simply continue taking English practice tests and keep working to fix the problems that you discover from each test. The more practice tests you take and analyze, the better you will do on the ACT.

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