Not all ACT practice tests are created equal

Not all ACT practice tests are equal in value, content, and difficulty. Most of the “ACT Practice Tests” out there are imitation practice tests, and therefore they can be easier or harder than the actual ACT and give you an inaccurate predication of what your actual ACT score might be. For information about the only book that contains real ACT practice tests, visit this page:

The Real ACT Prep Guide: Real ACT Practice Tests

It is important to understand the differences between the different ACT practice tests out there—they can all be helpful and beneficial, but you need to know how to use them in the right way. Furthermore, some are definitely better than others. This article will help you sort through the different ACT practice test options you have, as well as provide suggestions for how to use each practice test effectively.


Princeton Review: The Next Best ACT Practice Tests, and Good Preparation Material

Cracking the ACT

The Princeton Review has an ACT prep book titled Cracking the ACT, and its practice tests are generally regarded as the closest to real ACT practice tests out of all the imitation ACT practice tests out there. This book also contains good preparation and review for the ACT. Out of all of the ACT prep books out there, we give Cracking the ACT our highest recommendation.

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Kaplan: Easier ACT Practice Tests and Pretty Good Preparation Material

Kaplan ACT Prep Book
Kaplan, like Princeton Review, is a renowned test prep company, with a plethora of resources, preparatory material, and practice tests. Most people consider Kaplan’s ACT practice tests to be easier than the actual ACT. Therefore, while these practice tests can be helpful, do not take these scores as seriously as you would the practice tests from The Real ACT Prep Guide or Princeton Review’s Cracking the ACT

Kaplan’s review material, which differs slightly from Princeton Review’s material, can also be helpful for ACT test prep.

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Barron’s ACT 36: For Practice with Tougher ACT Questions and Passages

Barron's ACT 36

This book provides tougher ACT questions and passages to fully prepare students for the ACT, so they will not be surprised by anything. If students can master these questions and passages, they should have absolutely nothing to fear from the ACT. The questions found in this book are intentionally designed to be the hardest that you might encounter on the ACT.

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McGraw-Hill’s 10 ACT Practice Tests

McGraw-Hill's 10 ACT Practice Tests

These ACT practice tests are generally considered less accurate, but they can still be great practice for the ACT, as long as you do not take the scores too seriously. Take them with you, and just do them when you have extra time.

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