There is currently only one book out there that contains actual, real, retired ACT practice tests: The Real ACT Prep Guide. It is worth it to get this book, because it contains the only ACT practice tests that will truly give you an accurate prediction of how well you will actually do on the ACT.

The Real ACT Prep Guide

Real ACT Prep Guide
Amazon sells this book for a great price—click on either the picture or the link to go straight to the Amazon page to buy The Real ACT Prep Guide: – The Real ACT Prep Guide.

After you buy this book, do not begin taking the ACT practice tests right away. You want to make sure you get the most out of these practice tests, and simply taking these practice tests without the correct approach can actually be counter-productive.

This Book Alone is Not Enough

Although this book contains the best real ACT practice tests, it does not contain the best preparation for the ACT, so having this book alone is not enough. The creators of the ACT do not want to reveal all of the best “secrets” to doing well on the ACT because the ACT is designed to separate out students who are willing to put in the extra time and effort to do well on the ACT.

Therefore, taking these practice tests without the proper strategies may simply reinforce bad habits. Make sure you also explore the rest of Best ACT Prep to learn the best ACT test-taking strategies.

Having The Real ACT Prep Guide along with the ACT prep information and strategies that we provide is the best combination to prepare for the ACT. To learn more about the ACT and the best strategies for taking the ACT, visit these pages at Best ACT Prep:

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ACT Study Guide: Content and Concepts to Know for the ACT – Click here for ACT study guides that provide an overview of the content and concepts you need to know to do well on the ACT. The articles here organize the information you need to know about each section of the ACT so that you do not need to waste time doing other research yourself.

ACT Strategies: Tricks to Master the ACT – Click here to learn the best strategies for taking the ACT. Here, we explain the best test taking tips to use for each section of the ACT. These strategies are a complilation of the best ideas out there about how to take the ACT, and there are some strategies here that no other ACT prep book or guide covers.

Real ACT Prep Guide

Other “ACT Practice Tests”

Be careful about using other “ACT Practice Tests.” They may claim to be close to the actual ACT in content and difficulty, and some of them may be, but they are still imitations that may give you an inaccurate view of how prepared you actually are for the ACT.

For a comparison of the other ACT practice tests out there, click here.